Epilation with wax or sugar paste? Discover the pros and cons

If you want to get rid of hair for a long time, try waxing or using a sugar paste. These two methods of hair removal, although similar, are slightly different from each other. Which one should you choose to avoid irritation and enjoy smooth skin for a long time?

Wax depilation: advantages

Long period between treatments
Hair removal contraindications

If you choose this type of epilation, you will be able to forget about shaving for a long time. How long does the effect last after waxing? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, because how quickly your hair grows is your individual matter. Usually, however, if you do wax hair removal, the effect will last for three to even six weeks. In the meantime, you may find individual hairs grow back and the rest of your skin feels smooth.

In this case, use tweezers and remove unnecessary hair.
Hair weakening
The more often you get rid of your hair in this way, the thinner and weaker it will grow back.

Wax depilation: disadvantages

There is no need to hide the fact that removing hair with wax does not hurt. However, this is not an unbearable pain, and after removing the patch it only lasts for a few seconds.

The more you wax, the less pain you will feel.

Hair regrowth problems
Hair length If you want to wax your hair, your hair must be the correct length. Most often they cannot be shorter than 5mm. Some women have to wait between one and a half to two weeks before being able to depilate, which can be quite uncomfortable. The situation is especially complicated in summer, when it is too hot to wear even long trousers.

Sometimes it happens that the hair bulb will not be pulled out during epilation. Then your hair will start to grow unevenly, and you will get the so-called “cactus”. The drawback of waxing is ingrown hair. Lumps and redness may appear on the skin. In this case, tweezers will also be helpful.

Special skin care immediately after epilation
For three days after treatment, the skin may be slightly oversensitive. Therefore, it is better not to take long hot baths during this time, not to use the sauna or sunbathe.

If you choose to epilate just before your vacation, don’t do it at the last minute.

Regardless of where you have epilated, you need to be careful with them. If you were removing the so-called mustache, on the day of epilation, give up fluids and creams (such as Veet Depilatory Cream) with acids or retinol. In the case of epilation of the armpits, use the deodorant the next day. Let your skin shake it off a bit.

Wax depilation: contraindications
Unfortunately, this method of hair removal cannot be used by everyone. You should definitely avoid it if you have varicose veins, are overly tanned and your skin is burned or you are allergic to ingredients of wax (natural or synthetic). If a beautician will perform epilation, expect him to ask you a few questions and then decide if he can perform the treatment. Contraindications to waxing can also be diabetes, epilepsy, fungal and viral skin inflammations, and even poor blood clotting.

Waxing is also not recommended in case of skin damage (burns, cuts) or birthmarks. Most often, however, it is enough to be careful about them and avoid them, and remove the remaining hair, e.g. with tweezers or smaller combs. However, remember not to stick them too close to any skin lesions. You should also consider this type of epilation if you have very fragile blood vessels. However, if they occur only locally, then as in the case of birthmarks and cuts, it is also enough to avoid them.

Wax depilation and pregnancy
There are no contraindications for pregnant women to be able to remove hair with wax, as long as their pregnancy is normal, there is no risk of premature birth, no complications, and the expectant mother does not complain of high blood pressure. However, remember that if you are pregnant, you should consult this type of treatment with your doctor.

If you decide to epilate at a beauty salon, make sure you advise that you are expecting a baby. The beautician will try to be more delicate and use wax intended for sensitive skin. During pregnancy, your pain threshold may be slightly lower than usual, and the procedure itself may become more painful than usual. Sometimes, beauticians only undertake depilation of legs, arms and armpits, because due to hormonal changes, the pubic mound may be bloodshot and swollen.

Depilation with sugar paste
An alternative to natural or synthetic wax can be sugar paste, which you can buy or make yourself at home.

How to make sugar paste at home?
The consistency of a sugar paste

1/4 cup of water
1/4 cup of lemon juice
2 cups of sugar
What’s next? Boil the water. When it starts to boil, add the remaining ingredients to it, turn the heat down a little and stir until the sugar dissolves. At the beginning, keep your eye on the mass, because a moment of inattention is enough and the bottom of your pot will have hard-to-remove caramel.

When you get a homogeneous mass, turn the heat down even more and cook it for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. When the paste has an amber color and air bubbles appear on the surface, you can be sure that it is ready. Now you can turn the fire on and pour it into a cool bowl. The sugar paste should have the consistency of plasticine. If you have trouble forming it, put it back into the pot, add a little water and simmer it.

How to epilate yourself with sugar paste?

Make a ball of the still warm paste, press it against the place where you want to remove the hair, spread it against the hair, then tear it off, but be careful !, in the direction in which the hair grows. If you want, you can stick a strip of fleece, parchment or cotton on the sugar paste. If there are traces of paste on the skin, remove it with warm water.

Sugar paste: advantages and disadvantages
Depilation with sugar paste is especially recommended for those who, even due to allergies, cannot depilate the body with wax. In addition, the sugar paste is believed to be less irritating to the skin. Another advantage is that, unlike wax, the hairs you want to remove don’t have to be very long. The paste can handle even those that are only 2-3 mm long.

Lemon juice contained in the paste can lighten the skin, so it’s better not to experiment with this method, especially in summer when you are tanned.