Epilation with wax or sugar paste? Discover the pros and cons

If you want to get rid of hair for a long time, try waxing or using a sugar paste. These two methods of hair removal, although similar, are slightly different from each other. Which one should you choose to avoid irritation and enjoy smooth skin for a long time?

Wax depilation: advantages

Long period between treatments
Hair removal contraindications

If you choose this type of epilation, you will be able to forget about shaving for a long time. How long does the effect last after waxing? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, because how quickly your hair grows is your individual matter. Usually, however, if you do wax hair removal, the effect will last for three to even six weeks. In the meantime, you may find individual hairs grow back and the rest of your skin feels smooth.

In this case, use tweezers and remove unnecessary hair.
Hair weakening
The more often you get rid of your hair in this way, the thinner and weaker it will grow back.

Wax depilation: disadvantages

There is no need to hide the fact that removing hair with wax does not hurt. However, this is not an unbearable pain, and after removing the patch it only lasts for a few seconds.

The more you wax, the less pain you will feel.

Hair regrowth problems
Hair length If you want to wax your hair, your hair must be the correct length. Most often they cannot be shorter than 5mm. Some women have to wait between one and a half to two weeks before being able to depilate, which can be quite uncomfortable. The situation is especially complicated in summer, when it is too hot to wear even long trousers.

Sometimes it happens that the hair bulb will not be pulled out during epilation. Then your hair will start to grow unevenly, and you will get the so-called “cactus”. The drawback of waxing is ingrown hair. Lumps and redness may appear on the skin. In this case, tweezers will also be helpful.

Special skin care immediately after epilation
For three days after treatment, the skin may be slightly oversensitive. Therefore, it is better not to take long hot baths during this time, not to use the sauna or sunbathe.

If you choose to epilate just before your vacation, don’t do it at the last minute.

Regardless of where you have epilated, you need to be careful with them. If you were removing the so-called mustache, on the day of epilation, give up fluids and creams (such as Veet Depilatory Cream) with acids or retinol. In the case of epilation of the armpits, use the deodorant the next day. Let your skin shake it off a bit.

Wax depilation: contraindications
Unfortunately, this method of hair removal cannot be used by everyone. You should definitely avoid it if you have varicose veins, are overly tanned and your skin is burned or you are allergic to ingredients of wax (natural or synthetic). If a beautician will perform epilation, expect him to ask you a few questions and then decide if he can perform the treatment. Contraindications to waxing can also be diabetes, epilepsy, fungal and viral skin inflammations, and even poor blood clotting.

Waxing is also not recommended in case of skin damage (burns, cuts) or birthmarks. Most often, however, it is enough to be careful about them and avoid them, and remove the remaining hair, e.g. with tweezers or smaller combs. However, remember not to stick them too close to any skin lesions. You should also consider this type of epilation if you have very fragile blood vessels. However, if they occur only locally, then as in the case of birthmarks and cuts, it is also enough to avoid them.

Wax depilation and pregnancy
There are no contraindications for pregnant women to be able to remove hair with wax, as long as their pregnancy is normal, there is no risk of premature birth, no complications, and the expectant mother does not complain of high blood pressure. However, remember that if you are pregnant, you should consult this type of treatment with your doctor.

If you decide to epilate at a beauty salon, make sure you advise that you are expecting a baby. The beautician will try to be more delicate and use wax intended for sensitive skin. During pregnancy, your pain threshold may be slightly lower than usual, and the procedure itself may become more painful than usual. Sometimes, beauticians only undertake depilation of legs, arms and armpits, because due to hormonal changes, the pubic mound may be bloodshot and swollen.

Depilation with sugar paste
An alternative to natural or synthetic wax can be sugar paste, which you can buy or make yourself at home.

How to make sugar paste at home?
The consistency of a sugar paste

1/4 cup of water
1/4 cup of lemon juice
2 cups of sugar
What’s next? Boil the water. When it starts to boil, add the remaining ingredients to it, turn the heat down a little and stir until the sugar dissolves. At the beginning, keep your eye on the mass, because a moment of inattention is enough and the bottom of your pot will have hard-to-remove caramel.

When you get a homogeneous mass, turn the heat down even more and cook it for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. When the paste has an amber color and air bubbles appear on the surface, you can be sure that it is ready. Now you can turn the fire on and pour it into a cool bowl. The sugar paste should have the consistency of plasticine. If you have trouble forming it, put it back into the pot, add a little water and simmer it.

How to epilate yourself with sugar paste?

Make a ball of the still warm paste, press it against the place where you want to remove the hair, spread it against the hair, then tear it off, but be careful !, in the direction in which the hair grows. If you want, you can stick a strip of fleece, parchment or cotton on the sugar paste. If there are traces of paste on the skin, remove it with warm water.

Sugar paste: advantages and disadvantages
Depilation with sugar paste is especially recommended for those who, even due to allergies, cannot depilate the body with wax. In addition, the sugar paste is believed to be less irritating to the skin. Another advantage is that, unlike wax, the hairs you want to remove don’t have to be very long. The paste can handle even those that are only 2-3 mm long.

Lemon juice contained in the paste can lighten the skin, so it’s better not to experiment with this method, especially in summer when you are tanned.

5 steps to a beautiful and healthy blond hair


5 steps to a beautiful and healthy blond hair

Natural blond hair is a dream for many women, but not all of us are so lucky. Usually, to get a beautiful golden hue, we must reach for the paint and brighteners. Tinted hair and swagger like to break, and therefore require special care. But it takes only 5 steps to make your blond hair become strong, smooth and shiny.

Market hair care is enormous, because the blonde (both natural and dyed) easily find products designed for bright bands.


Step 1: coloring


If you have dark hair and want to dye it blond, make sure not to damage the hair during the coloring. Radical and too fast color change will negatively affect the condition of hair, and in extreme cases can lead to the complete destruction of the hair structure. Coloration you can do yourself, but much safer option is to visit the salon. In the case of black and auburn hair it is necessary to gradually brightening, with time to give a platinum hue bands. During the dyeing should use Olaplex, preparation, without which most blondes can not do. Olaplex company has in its offer products of 5, 2 of which are for professional coloring. Innovative formula Olaplex protects hair structure, and prevents drying of the crushing.


Step 2: moisturizing


When you manage to get the ideal color, it’s time for the most difficult stage – care Wedding, Makeup, Beauty, Celebrity and Health Links. The most important rule about what you have to remember that regularity. Blond hair are extremely fragile. Choose only so gentle shampoo that does not contain strong detergents. Try to wash your hair every 2-3 days. So you do not violate the protective layer of the hair. To retain the elasticity of the band and not puszyły to use intensely moisturizing conditioner and mask, for example. Alterna company. All cosmetics Alterna Enzymtherapy applied technology, which allows nutrients to better penetrate the hair follicles and strands become thick, strong and shiny.


Step 3: Color Care

Step 3: Color Care

The biggest nightmare of all blondes are yellow tones that appear on the hair with dye leaching. To prevent this, use cosmetics to wash and care, which contain purple pigments. Icelandic Blonde Shampoo brand Philip B is composed of, among others, plum extract, grape seed oil and vegetable ingredients that protect against split ends, strengthen hair and eliminate unwanted shades of yellow and gold. Another cool product suitable hair, the color is a silver mask Maria Nila Color Refresh 2.0. Cosmetic struggling with fading hair and helps to recover the perfect, cool shade of blonde.


Step 4: Styling


In this regard, the clear hair is very prone to crashing, you must take care not to damage the structure of the hair during styling. Hot air and high temperature cause the strands lose their gloss, break and fluff up. Cosmetics termoochronne are essential if you straighten your hair, you are shooting or suszysz. Varnish SeaSilk Caviar Working Hair Alterna’s formula contains Color Hold, which protects against color leaching. Extract with caviar provides a hair Omega-3 and the vitamin C retards aging of cells. If you want to add volume to hair, use a lightweight foam that will not burden the hair and stick. Clinical Densifying Caviar Styling Mousse is a product of Altena free of sulfates and parabens, which not only increases the volume of hair, but also protects the strands from damage.


Step 5: protection

Step 5: protection

Blonde hair are particularly vulnerable to harmful weather conditions. Rapid temperature, the sun, rain and smog hair damage protective layer, which bands become dry and brittle. Specialized cosmetics prevent split ends, moisturize hair and accelerate regeneration. Thermal Protection Spray brand Philip B contains plant extracts, including oleosomy safflower seed and sweet almond oil, so that rebuilds the hair while forming a protective barrier on them.



Red lipstick – find out which shade suits your type of beauty

Red lipstick – find out which shade suits your type of beauty

All her love, but often we are afraid to wear it. The queen of color cosmetics, adds femininity, elegance and sex appeal. Red lipstick will work during a romantic dinner, but you can also wear it every day. Choose a shade of red lipstick that will best suit your type of beauty.

Poorly chosen red lipstick can make look you, cause that the teeth will appear yellow and the skin sallow. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a huge selection of red lipstick, so easy to find shade for yourself Makeup Directory. But first, determine what your type of beauty.

How to choose a shade of red lipstick to the type of beauty?

Make-up artists usually distinguish four types of beauty, called successive seasons:

Ms. Spring has a very delicate beauty. Pale skin with a yellowish tint, thin hair with golden highlights and a light green or light brown eyes are trademarks of spring. If you are a typical spring, choose a red lipstick with peach pigments. You might as well be in tomato red, brick-red and vermilion (slightly embarrassing in orange).

Ms. spring
tomato red, brick-red and vermilion

Women in the type of period characterized by a light or olive skin and dark hair shade peanut brown. Ms. summer is green, blue or gray eyes kept in cool tones. Perfect red lipstick for you? Classic, blood red and burgundy shades coming in – cherry and scarlet.

Ms. summer
Classic, blood red and burgundy shades coming in – cherry and scarlet

As a typical autumn have peach, freckled complexion, eye color green or hot chocolate and brown hair with clear, red pigments. Ms. autumn looks perfectly in coral red, which gives skin glow. If you prefer darker shades, choose a lipstick with a touch of brown or orange.

Ms. autumn
coral red
lipsticks doped bronze or orange

Ms. Winter has two faces. On the one hand, you have a porcelain complexion and jet-black hair, the other – a swarthy olive skin and hair in the cool shade of brown. Dark lipsticks are created for women even in winter type. Change your clothes so among the classic shades of red through dark purple, burgundy, to intense magenta and fuchsia.

Ms. winter
classic shades of red through dark purple, burgundy, to intense magenta and fuchsia

How to wear red lipstick?

Red lipstick does not need the competition. So if you decide to make-up with red lips in the lead role, you can opt to emphasize the expressive eye. The best background for red lipstick perfectly groomed complexion kissed a touch of pink, slightly marked eyebrows and eyelashes wytuszowane. In the end, there is only one queen.

Royal makeup stylist betrayed the secret of Queen Elizabeth II

Royal makeup stylist betrayed the secret of Queen Elizabeth II

Makeup Queen Elizabeth II. Who paints British queen?

Queen Elizabeth II could hire the best makeup artists in the country. But the ruler alone will do her makeup – informs the royal stylist Angela Kelly in his book “The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, The Dresser and the Wardrobe.” Monarch allows paint to profesjonalistce only on the occasion of Christmas. Then he gives her face in her hands Marilyn Widdess.

British Queen over the years has developed a distinctive style of his. Elizabeth II loves hats and colorful coats. Pay attention to her outfits and you can even consider them to be a little extravagant, as the head of state. Duchess Kate and Meghan Princess dress in a much more subdued manner.

The makeup Queen Elizabeth II is an advocate of tighter painted mouth BeautySites. Usually requires intense pink or red lipstick. Eyelid imposes lilac or pearly shade. As you can see in the pictures, definitely not convinced to emphasize eyebrows. When the will look more natural and have a bright color. The ruler does not see the need to cover-up eyelashes.

    It has miraculous properties, and costs pennies. Zacznj use it!

    It has miraculous properties, and costs pennies Zacznj use it!

    Epsom salt is not the invention of recent weeks, it already knew our grandmothers It is used also in sanatoriums In mig cope with infections in the initial stage How to use it? Check!

    Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salt (Epsom a city name in England) With the Polish Public salts also worth trying with Bochnia salt or Iwonicz top girl style

    Properties Epsom salt:

    • reduces inflammation
    • helps regulate levels of calcium, zinc, potassium, vitamin D and many other key nutrients our body
    • a healing for: asthma, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arrhythmia and heart failure, high pressure, migraine, osteoporosis, PMS
    • detoxifies the liver
    • added to the bath helps produce serotonin, calms and relaxes

    How to use Epsom salt?

    On the package will read it is recommended to use two cups bath But there are also recommendations that speak to adjust the amount of salt to the weight of our body For the first 20 minutes of the bath body toxins are removed, the next 20 minutes the body needs to absorb minerals

    The bath can add essential oils and coconut oil, which moisturizes the skin

    Winter dreams you metamorphosis? This hair color will supermodny and fits almost every woman

    Winter dreams you metamorphosis? This hair color will supermodny and fits almost every woman

    Fashionable hair colors for winter 2019 – Raspberry Bourbon

    Raspberry Bourbon intense color, vibrant and multidimensional. It looks fabulous and beautifully contrasts with the white snow. Hair perfectly in the shade will be presented during the Christmas Eve dinner and New Year’s Eve events.

    Shades of red are very fashionable. Particularly keen on such dyes her hair the color of autumn and winter. Last year reign berry berry winter, will now hit Raspberry Bourbon and the color of ginger beer, which we wrote about a few weeks ago. The latter is lighter, slightly more subtle and catching orange. In contrast, raspberry bourbon is coupled mahogany red and warm brown. Extremely flattering shade and very impressive.

    The originator of the original hue is a New York hair colorist Kim Bonondona. This artist of hairstyles is a true master at capturing the latest trends. He specializes in blondach and balejażach, and his work on the hair are breathtaking. Barber admits that although raspberry bourbon is impressive and it is very flattering, getting that color needs to spend a few hours in the lounge. You should also be aware that red tones very quickly wash out and fade, so amendments are often necessary and refreshing color. But the effect is so great that it’s worth.

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    Devin Barber Toth admitted that raspberry bourbon is not obvious and very original proposal for the winter, which is also ideally suited to this time of year. Importantly, this unusual shade is extremely flattering and fits almost every type of beauty. No matter what your natural hair color or eyes. Raspberry Bourbon certainty, in which you will look like a million dollars daily beauty articles.

    For 15 minutes urine feet in water with turmeric and see what happens. Brilliant after the event!

    For 15 minutes urine feet in water with turmeric and see what happens. Brilliant after the event!

    The properties of turmeric

    Turmeric is one of the healthiest spices in the world. Is known and appreciated for nearly 5 thousand. years. Most often we associate with a yellow or orange powder. This is really a tropical rhizome perennials – ostryżu long (which is also a beautiful potted plant).

    The most active substance curcumin is a strong antioxidant and a natural antibiotic – curcumin (spice suitable characteristic bright yellow color). This compound protects the body against free radicals, which harm cells, accelerate aging and increase the risk of developing cancer. Curcumin preferably affects the nervous system.

    In addition to curcumin, curcumin rhizome also contains essential oils and vitamin C, mineral salts.

    Why soak your feet in water with turmeric?

    This treatment will free you from the painful ailment with which we deal in the summer, but also eg. The New Year’s Eve fun until dawn. As for tired aching feet – usually we associate the disease as a result of long hours of walking, especially in high-heeled shoes Catalog For Her. Meanwhile, sore and swollen feet often have a dance party. It is worth remembering that for New Year’s Eve dance of a huge burden on our feet, the better, if every day we are missing traffic.

    If, after dancing the night your feet are sore, with the help of turmeric come. It has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic (it is called simply “conqueror of pain”). In addition, reduces swelling, promotes healing of wounds, nourishes and regenerates the skin, and accelerates blood circulation. All these properties quickly bring relief effect and refresh the feet.

    How to prepare a bath with turmeric?

    To a bowl of water pour teaspoon of turmeric. Soak feet for approx. Fifteen minutes. It is important that the water was cold – cold reduces swelling and promotes blood circulation and therefore promotes healing effects of turmeric.

    Turmeric problems with complexion – mask with turmeric

    Turmeric can also be used in skin care. It’s a great remedy for blemishes, acne and wrinkles. To take advantage of the properties of turmeric, it is worth it to prepare a face mask – suitable for both face and body. To prepare it, you’ll need a few natural ingredients: 5 ml of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder, honey, olive oil, approx. Three tablespoons of natural yogurt. Just mix the ingredients and apply on the skin for approx. 10 minutes.

    You can even use the mask every day. Remember, however, that turmeric is a dye, so after washing off the mask, the best dry skin using paper towels.

    This hair color will allow you to perfectly enter into the new year. It is very effective and easy to maintain

    This hair color will allow you to perfectly enter into the new year. It is very effective and easy to maintain

    Sand storm, or hair coloring inspired by sand storm

    This shade is exactly as its name. Dynamic, unpredictable, a little disturbing, but doing an amazing impression. Sand color is a compromise between cold and warm tones. Thanks to this good-looking women with different types of beauty. Sand storm hair are universal and will fit both the teenager and her mother.

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    “In 2019 years of natural regrowth was leaving one of the strongest trends in coloring. Everything indicates that in 2020 this trend continues,” – says Karissa Schaudt, colourist Maxine Salon in Chicago in the pages of the portal popsugar.com Makeup, health, lifestyle. Specialist admits that shade sand storm fits in perfectly with the current fashion.

    With so colored with hair, do not we put paint on their entire length. We can begin to do even a few centimeters below the top of the head. With this coloring will gain a natural appearance, and the effect will be easier to maintain. End of coloring suckers every few weeks. This will benefit our hair and wallet.

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    The specialist explains that the color bands mainly the face and those from the top. Such sand balejarz looks good even 2-3 months of visits to the hairdresser.

    We already know the most fashionable hair color for 2020. What cut? All indications are that a soft blunt bob in the new year will continue to enjoy great popularity. This convenient hairstyle and facial looks very freely and naturally. It gives the impression that hair arranged themselves. And the best part is that actually the case. Soft blunt bob does not require laborious styling. The whole secret is to deliberately get careless look. In this haircut look like we just got up from bed or helped arrange hair gusts of wind. Full clearance.

    Hairstyle … compatible with the sign of the zodiac? Yes! See how to comb

    Hairstyle … compatible with the sign of the zodiac? Yes! See how to comb

    Her hair is another way of highlighting its independent nature. Boldly promotes your own style, and by her favorite hairstyle is typically modern, expertly cut, short hair with a strong avant-garde lines. Aries likes to change the colors of the experiment, so no time shock environment flaming red or novel hairstyle. There is no patience for venturing hair or intricate draping nets, hair styling, etc. on the brush. Her daily care of his hair is therefore limited to its frequent washing and use of nutrients they provide shine and a healthy appearance.

    Known for its conservative tastes, avoid being in the vanguard. No one hits of the season, strange grzywek, kolorków neon, plastic, etc. spineczek. If you’ve been using ornaments, items must be high quality, eg. With tortoiseshell. Rarely decides to drastic change in hairstyle. A blue moon entrusts his head in the hands of an experienced hairdresser. It is usually a person who takes her hair for years. Because sometimes fussy and hard to please her. They appreciate natural methods of care. He is right. Her hair usually quite thick, but thin, usually require gentle treatment. It is easy to destroy them and przesuszyć.

    Fashion means to her, above all having a good time, so as boldly as changing styles of dress styles and hair color. Yesterday fiery redhead, today in the peaceful shade of dark blond. He does not avoid wigs, hairpieces, easily washable paints and colored inks. When a hairstyle is fashionable, it is difficult to resist the temptation to see if it turns out facial. Her hair among the fine. We are happy to use supplements, treatments performed strengthening and tracks novelties in cosmetics, curls that allow you to regain a healthy appearance.

    Attached to the past, so the view is his own reflection in the mirror – reworked a new hairstyle, it could be for quite a shock. So if you want to splurge usually doing it gradually. First a little line changes hairstyles, then dare to lighten or darken etc. In general, her hair is not too lush and require attentive care. Weak point is their low drapability Makeup club. Usually therefore they correspond to the most hair with smooth hair, bound up in a modest but elegant bun just above the neck. For larger occasions prefers romantic style, flowers or plugged discrete ornaments.

    Persons whose sun at birth roamed sign Lion head proudly wear their hair and sometimes equally as impressive mane African cousin. Nature usually gives them generously, and if you have to Leo creator of some minor grievances, do not hesitate to use the tricks hairdressing. We are happy to dye hair, opting for highlights, baleyage. Do not frighten her need for stacking or modeling. It’s also an enthusiast of care – conditioners, lotions, washes. Usually they have them in your bathroom impressive collection. It should not, however, too often use hair dryers and exposed to the sun.

    Mary aesthetic sense uczesaniom rebels against such a pretentious and that give the impression that they are the work of … hurricane. Simplicity, functionality, ease of hair styling – it tend to choose a clean, uncomplicated lines which is based on the perfect haircut. One movement of the head and each strand of lands in the right place. For special occasions opting for a more flamboyant color, a little glitter or coloring gel. He does not like ornaments. While cares about the health of their hair. In addition to the use of nutritional supplements remembers sipping vitamins and trace elements acting preferably on their condition. Her hair is therefore maintained, even if they are thickest and most dense.

    It is also a matter of Leading. Prefers hairstyles which plays an important role haircuts, interesting color, reflections obtained using baleyage’u. Often he wears long hair, because he feels the best in women’s hairstyles and can use the possibility of frequent change of hairstyle. A blue moon she could afford the extravagance, and even a bit of madness – braids, buns and intricate braids, hairpieces, hair extensions. Of course he knows that really can only be beautiful if they are healthy. He takes care of it, following cosmetic news, willingly using treatments. Nature celebrates her usual kindly, giving her nice hair, which, in addition, well arranged.

    Casual appreciates naturalness and often wears long hair, loose or tied in again today trendy ponytail, but on a special occasion, be it on the madness and even a provocation – washable tattoo on his shaved head, wig straight from vaudeville. But does not like shoddy and infantile decorations – bows, artificial flowers and plastic spineczek. He takes care of hair, but without exaggeration. Limited to carefully selected to suit the needs of shampoo and conditioner takiejż, and from time to time, regenerative mask. Hair Scorpion do not like too many hairdressers treatments, especially durable. Their weak point is also prone to oily.

    If nature gave her beautiful hair, which happens quite often, allowing them to freely arrange and only occasionally corrects the line. If you are less lush, they cut them without regret. He has an innate sense of style, so her usual hairstyle fits well with the whole figure, way to move and dressing. Also in the festive edition captivates her head and unpretentious naturalness. Sagittarius lady who likes sports, but sometimes carelessly expose your hair to damaging sunlight or sea water. It should therefore be interested in regenerative cosmetics, protective and mainly containing filters.

    Its taste is rather conservative. Casual wear hairstyles economical in form – straight hair, cropped short or medium-length on. He likes bangs, bobs smooth. Sometimes consciously prefers retro style – twenties or thirties. Hairstyle for a special occasion for her blend of sophistication and classic elegance – bun decorated with brocade or elegant buckle, smooth, shiny hair fixed brilliantine. Capricorn understands that daily hair care is a prerequisite for their health and beauty. However, he does not believe in miraculous cures and cosmetic revelations. The will of herbs and specific ecological, even if the effects had to wait longer.

    Usually faithful to her hairdo, you can even thing that is on this issue fairly conservative. For the salon selected so only when something harder to play her in the soul and the desires change. In such a situation often it expected ingenuity, accurate hints and suggestions of an experienced professional. Is a great way for the Aquatic Warbler opportunity to loosen the rein of fantasy. At stake originally pinned coca asymmetric pockets fixed with wax. Her Achilles heel is the lack of regularity in hair care. Therefore, it is difficult to carry out by the end of nutritional treatment, which often require her hair with a gentle nature.

    Choosing her hairstyle, guided by their own criteria and effective fashion is her only inspiration. Top uczesaniach feels natural, slightly romantic and feminine, though not necessarily require long hair. On special occasions it is able to decide on the change of hair color, line and even dopięcie hairpieces, but wish to avoid the effect of strongly conspicuous. Hair fish, usually not too delicate and prone to laying require skilful care, appropriate shampoos and conditioners that improve their condition, but do not load and oily.

    Surprisingly the use of water when cooking rice. The trick is in Japan an absolute hit!

    Surprisingly the use of water when cooking rice. The trick is in Japan an absolute hit!

    About rice to water you can see every day washing her face like a tonic, or use it for washing instead of water. What happens then with your complexion? Meet four spectacular changes we can expect.

    Water rice is rich in many vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which have a beneficial effect on our skin. You will find in it, among others, Vitamin E, C and group B, magnesium, iron and zinc. Regularly using rice water as a tonic:

    Regularly using rice water as a tonic:

    1. you limit the risk of the appearance of pimples and decrease the already existing ones. Your skin “calm down”, decrease redness.

    2. Water rice will help alleviate the irritation of the skin caused by eczema. Dip a clean cloth in the water of the rice and put it on the irritated skin for a few minutes, until the liquid dries on the skin.

    3. mitigate the unpleasant effects of sunburn, reduce redness of the skin and provides a pleasant coolness (before using a bowl of water you put in the fridge, and then gently with a cotton swab to apply the sun-parched skin).

    4. Tired become ashen complexion radiance, will age more slowly.

    Are you interested in the world as seen through the eyes of women? Sign up for our newsletter!

    Are you interested in the world as seen through the eyes of women?

    Given the above, the effects of rice water, it is no wonder that the Japanese or Korean can not do without it.

    What use to create rice rice water and how it is best to do?

    Best suited organic brown rice brown or jasmine. Cook rice as usual, but with two – three times more water than usual. After cooking the rice and drain off the water use preserved diluted (a few tablespoons of rice essence in a glass of water).

    Rice water stored in the refrigerator (in a sealed container) for up to a week.

    Rice is an ingredient often used in cosmetics. View products that may interest you: